Football Season

January 13, 2010

Maybe I was a little hasty about the whole TV-for-a-Couch deal being a win-win situation.  You see, I neglected to take into account one thing: football season.  Apparently there is a magical combination of

Big TV + High Definition + Male Roommates + Football = Let's watch football ALL THE TIME.

The sound system didn't help with the situation, either.  Or, Chris has been deceiving me our whole courtship and he's much more into football than he's previously led me to believe.  This past Sunday was the Arizona - Green Bay game.  Chris is a Cardinals fan.  Canuk is a Packers fan.  They both put on their jerseys and sat down to watch the game:

Things got a little heated.  I didn't have the heart to tell them that the referees and coaches can't hear all those "suggestions" they are yelling at the TV.  But football season is almost over, right?  How many days until the Superbowl?  Oh, wait, I forgot that NASCAR starts in a week...