Time to embarrass myself

January 20, 2010

The Husband and I had the following conversation.

THB:   So I just got caught up reading all your blogs.
ME:     Cool.
THB:   But I don't understand what the picture of me and my brother at Disneyland has to do with anything.
ME:     It was to show off your twin-ness.
THB:   I think it was just to make fun of us.
ME:    Technically, it was only making fun of Frick. He was the one wearing the pink shirt.
THB:  Yes, and I'm sure Frick really appreciates you pointing that out.
ME:    Frick doesn't read my blog.
THB:   I wouldn't be so sure about that.
ME:    Well, I could put an embarrassing photo of myself on the blog.  To even things out.
THB:   I highly doubt that Frick cares if you make fun of yourself.
ME:    I'll give it a shot anyway.

And here it is:

(I look angry, but I'm not.  I totally wanted to get my hair permed.)