Doesn't Everyone?

January 07, 2010

I was sitting in the office today when one of my co-workers came out of the break room.

"Krista," she asked, "are those your keys in the refrigerator?"


There was a momentary silence while everyone in the office paused to find out exactly why my keys were in the fridge.  My coworker didn't suspect that I had intentionally put my keys in there, so my affirmative answer confused her.  "Do they work better when they're cold?" someone asked.  I really hadn't been planning on elaborating, but they all seemed to expect an answer.

I shrugged.  "I have half a sandwich in the fridge left over from my lunch.  If I put my keys in there, I won't forget to take my sandwich when I leave work today."

Everybody thought this was funny.  Personally, I thought it was just logical.  I can't leave without my keys, can I?  And if my keys are setting next to my sandwich, then logically I will remember to take my sandwich.

"You see?  You see?!"  Chris exclaims.  "This is what I have to live with every day."  Pause.  "And for the record, that is not logic."