Sunday Advice: Things You Shouldn't Eat

January 17, 2010

I hate grocery shopping. If I were to make a list of chores that I dislike doing, it would be:
  1. Putting Away the Laundry
  2. Grocery Shopping
  3. Cleaning the Toilet
Oh and “Picking Up Dog Poo” is probably on there somewhere.

Yes, it’s true. I would rather scrub the toilet that put away the laundry. My husband’s socks, especially. Because there are so many of them and they are all white tube socks but some of them have gray letters on them and some of them have a blue Nike swoosh on them and some of them have a black Nike swoosh and HEAVEN FORBID I pair a blue swoosh with a black swoosh. Because I’m sure people look at his socks that closely.

So anyway this last time I did laundry I put away all the laundry except his socks. I left them in the bottom of the laundry basket for until I was ready to “get around to it” only the husband beat me to it and put away his own socks so it worked out well. (Editor’s note: please don’t take this to mean the husband does not help around the house. He does. I would say we split things about 50-50. The laundry incident was just fresh in my mind.)

But I was talking about grocery shopping. My point here was that sometimes I don’t go to the grocery store often enough and so I have to “make do” with whatever ingredients I have available in the house. Because this has happened more than once (I know, shocker!) I thought it might make a blog thing out of it.

Here it is, the first installment of Sunday Advice: Things You Shouldn’t Eat.

One April morning when I was in college I made myself a cup of coffee. After making the coffee, I discovered there was no sugar in the house. Since I prefer not to drink my coffee black, I went looking for sugar substitutes.

The way I figured it, Peeps were essentially sugar, right? And stale Peeps left over from Easter were hard, like sugar cubes, right? And since I wasn’t going to eat stale Peeps anyway, why not make good use of them and put them in my coffee? Right?

WRONG. For the record, stale Peeps that are colored blue and shaped like bunnies do not work as a sugar substitute in your coffee. My coffee had a floaty blue lump, tasted slightly weird, and my roommates made fun of me for weeks. I haven’t tried the other colors and shapes of Peeps, but I’m making an inference here.

TYSE #1: Coffee-soaked Peeps.


Anonymous said...

Okay I officially love your blog! You and I seem so similar in many ways - as do our uber-logical, sock-matching-crazed husbands.

I would totally put a peep in my coffee. But now I will not, as you have schooled me in their grossness.