Who kills the spiders around here

September 15, 2011

Whenever there is a spider in the house (or scorpion, or just about any living creature except ants), I am not the one who kills it.  I rescue it and set it free in the great outdoors.  I just can't bring myself to kill it.

There was a tiny spider crawling across our kitchen yesterday.  Chris was barefoot, and since I was wearing shoes, he asked me to step on it.

ME: No.

CHRIS: Why not?

ME: I can't kill it!

CHRIS: But why not?

ME:  Because it's just hanging out minding it's own business.  It doesn't deserve to die for that.

CHRIS: It's a spider, when does it not mind it's own business?

ME: When it's crawling across my face, that's when.  Or if it bites me.  Then it is all up in my business, and then a spider gonna die.

How I spent “Power Outage 2011”

September 09, 2011

Yesterday afternoon there was a giant power outage.  It affected people from Yuma, AZ all the way to San Diego, and as far south as Baja Mexico and as far north as Orange County, CA.  This means there was no electricity.  Also if you had Sprint or AT&T cell phones you had no bars.  However, if you had Verizon, like I did, people were still calling you about work stuff.  You would think the advantage of a blackout would be that you get to leave work early.  I was not so lucky because my work has generator backup and my stupid Verizon phone was working like a charm.

At first, if you took a poll of the office, these were the primary concerns that people had:
  1.  The bubbles for my fishtank won’t work!  My fish might die!
  2.  Am I still going to be able to watch football this evening?
Later, people realized there were more important concerns, like:
  1. My tank is on empty and none of the gas stations can pump gas.
  2. How do I get ice and water?
  3. What am I going to have for dinner?
  4. Where can I find a generator?

Since I happen to live with a bunch of rednecks, ahem I mean boys who are very skilled at construction-type stuff, it turns out that I spent the power outage quite pleasantly.  The boys hooked up the generator and we listened to music while we grilled bacon-wrapped asparagus, potato skins with cheese and onions and cilantro, and bbq chicken wings.  We also had plenty of ice, coolers, water, and beer.

So I spent Power Outage 2011 surfing the internet on my phone, listening to music while sipping on a cold beer, and actually talking to my roommates and friends instead of zoning out on the TV.

Next time, however, we need more beer.  We only had enough to last us the first night.


Swimming Pool Not Included

September 04, 2011

Apparently the women and the hammock are included.  They just couldn't fit a pool in such a tiny package.


The tortoise goes off the deep end

September 02, 2011

Sleepy and Mrs. Sleepy get their revenge for the Prank of the Century.


Dishwasher FAIL

September 01, 2011

So, we recently moved from Rental House A to Rental House B in San Diego, because House B was a bit nicer and also had a fence for the dog and our lease was up at the old place.

Anyway, some of the last items we moved from House A to House B were the cleaning supplies, because we needed them to clean up after all our stuff was moved out.

So here we are, one of our first nights in the new house, and the dishes were dirty and I wanted to wash the dishes.  We had no dishwasher soap because it was still at House A with the rest of the cleaning supplies.
We did, however, have some dish soap.

Now, I haven't been around for 30 years and not learned that dish soap and dishwasher soap aren't the same thing.  But I thought -- yes I DID think this through - that if I just put A FEW DROPS (okay, it was more like a teaspoon) of dish soap in the dishwasher, it would be okay.  I thought that it would get the dishes clean and not explode great sudsy bubbles all over the kitchen floor.

I thought wrong.

So I guess it goes to prove you're never to old to learn that even a few drops of dish soap are a few too many.