Who kills the spiders around here

September 15, 2011

Whenever there is a spider in the house (or scorpion, or just about any living creature except ants), I am not the one who kills it.  I rescue it and set it free in the great outdoors.  I just can't bring myself to kill it.

There was a tiny spider crawling across our kitchen yesterday.  Chris was barefoot, and since I was wearing shoes, he asked me to step on it.

ME: No.

CHRIS: Why not?

ME: I can't kill it!

CHRIS: But why not?

ME:  Because it's just hanging out minding it's own business.  It doesn't deserve to die for that.

CHRIS: It's a spider, when does it not mind it's own business?

ME: When it's crawling across my face, that's when.  Or if it bites me.  Then it is all up in my business, and then a spider gonna die.