Monster Truck Rally

March 22, 2011

Last night, Chris and I were relaxing in the living room, watching an episode of House.  At one point in the episode, Dr. House has the team meet him in the parking lot of the hospital.  The following scene takes place:

House has driven Colossus, a bright yellow-and-blue monster truck, right into his handicapped parking spot (and several others). He's got to lower a rope ladder from the window just so the team can climb in, which they all do.

As House and his team are careening around the city, discussing medical diagnoses in the giant monster truck, Chris turns to me.

"You know," Chris says, "that's not how you get into a monster truck."

ME: Hunh?

CHRIS:  You don't lower a rope ladder and climb in through the window.  You get in from underneath.


CHRIS:  And also, you can't fit that many people in the cab.  There is no backseat in a monster truck.

Uh-oh, somebody call FOX.  The screenwriters need to brush up on their redneck.