The Nerdery

June 26, 2012

The twins, Frick and Frack, have a younger sister, A-Star.  Here is a picture of the three of them:

And now the lovely miss A-Star has gotten married.  I will share that story in another post, but the lead-in here was that the twins and I took a flight out to Iowa last weekend for the wedding.

On the return flight, I was sitting middle seat, between my husband on one side and Frick on the other.  We had stopped for a layover and this was the second leg of my flight.  My husband happened to glance over and notice I was reading a different book from the one I was reading on the earlier flight.

He says to me:  "Are you reading two books at the same time right now?"

Me: "Yes, I am.  I need the paper book for takeoff and landing, when my Kindle has to be turned off.  It's not as interesting as the book I'm reading on my Kindle, so this is just to 'tide me over' until we can turn on our electronic devices again."

Him: "Oh, wow, I don't think I've ever read a book to 'tide me over' until I can read another book.  You are such a nerd."

I just shrugged, and went back to reading my book.  Until we reached cruising altitude, of course, when I would start reading the other book.