Define "Cheap" and "Reliable" Please

January 22, 2010

Back when Chris and I were in the market for a second car, I spent some time perusing the Craigslist ads. Chris said the criteria were “cheap” and “reliable” so I put together a list of a few cars we might like.

Option #1: a 1991 Camero
1991 camero
Selling Points:
• It could secretly be a really cool alien robot
• Blue

Option #2: a 1996 Neon
1996 Plymouth neon
Selling Points:
• Racing Stripe!
• Um….

Option #3: an Audi Quattro
stolen audi 2
I added a few notes here.  I think it speaks for itself.

Now, this last option didn’t quite fit the “cheap” or the “reliable” category. But it sure fit the “cool” category... Click on the link: Option #4

Because who doesn’t need one of those?

Selling Points:
• Drives on land AND on water
• Could pretend to be James Bond outrunning a really, really, really slow enemy (did you look at the max mph that beast gets?)

Needless to day, Chris told me I wasn’t allowed to suggest any more cars.