TYSE #2: Not a Breakfastfood

February 07, 2010

Since it's Sunday, and since nothing really interesting has happened since The Dog almost ran away, we'll call today a "Sunday Advice" kind of day.  As in, stuff-you-shouldn't-eat kind of day.

I woke up one morning hungry for breakfast.  Since I didn't feel like getting dressed and going to the store for food, I did a quick inventory of available foods in my kitchen.  (I had just graduated college and moved to L.A.  I had no job and my cost of living had just doubled.  Ergo, I was not spending a lot of money on food.)

I had frozen potstickers and strawberry jam.  I decided to eat them.  Together.

This is the vision that I had:


Turns out, notsomuch.

Just because you smother your chicken potstickers in microwaved strawberry jam, this does not mean they will taste like miniature crepes.  Even if you put whipped cream on them.

TYSE #2: Strawberry Potstickers.