The Cat is a big bully

February 19, 2010

The Cat (Maia) is the undisputed Queen Animal of the household.  She is the sweetest, most loving, devoted cat you will ever find.  Unless she is in one of her Moods.  Then she becomes a Queen B#@%.  This side of her also comes out when she has to co-exist with other animals.

The vet once told me, "Your cat is highly susceptible to stress.  She should probably be in a single-animal household."  Too bad for her, I thought, she's gonna have to learn to deal.  All things considered, she's learned to deal fairly well.  As long as she can bully the dog around and eat the dog's food, she's perfectly fine with the arrangement.

And it works out all right, because The Dog is a complete and total wuss.  Example?  When we were in Kansas over Christmas, she let my brother's two ferrets kick her out of her kennel.  As in, she would be hanging out in her kennel and the ferrets would wander in and she'd look around like, "WTF?  What are these things?  Why are they in my kennel?  Oh well I guess I'll just get out and let them have it."  And the ferrets would go to sleep in her kennel while Chloe looked at us with sad eyes on the living room floor.

So recently we got The Dog a new bed.  We fluffed it up all nice and laid her favorite blanket on top.  Unfortunately for The Dog, it appears that The Cat (in full Queen B mode) decided that the new bed was hers.  So when The Dog approached the new bed, sniffing around and thinking, "gee this bed sure smells like my favorite blanket" she would wake up The Cat (curled up sleeping on the bed).  Maia would hiss and swat and Chloe would wander off with a kind of stumped look on her face.

She's such a sweet little pudgy bundle of joy, my cat.

bedsnatcher 01

bedsnatcher 02


kate said...

Ha! That's exactly how it is in our house...we bought a bed for the dog (in the hopes that it would keep him from sleeping in our bed/on top of me), but the cat quickly claimed it as his own (kicking ass when neccessary to establish that it is, in fact, HIS bed). We had another cat, but he had to be moved to my husband's parent's house because my cat attacked him so relentlessly that he started losing hair from the stress. Just ridiculous. This is why we now call my cat "Satan".

Anonymous said...

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