Terrorizing the Neighborhood

February 04, 2010

The front door on our rental house is faulty.  It doesn't latch, so if you forget to dead-bolt it, and it happens to be a windy day... ahem.  The next thing you know the front door is wide open.

And if you happen to be upstairs when said door is opened and you don't realize that you've just posted an open invite to the neighborhood...the animals see this, and they get curious.  They decide maybe they would like to explore the wild.

Chris gets a call from one of the neighbors.  The dog had wandered outside the wide-open front door as our neighbor was walking her dog, also a 2-year-old lab.  Chloe decided they could be great friends.  So she followed our neighbor and her dog home.

The neighbor finds our number on Chloe's tag and calls Chris. "So your dog is in my backyard, is she friendly with other dogs?"

"Um, yes, dogs, people, cats, squirrels... whatever.  She's not picky."

The neighbor lets her dog into the backyard with Chloe.

When Chris gets there to retrieve our mutt, he walks up to the neighbor's backyard gate and there's Chloe, happy as a clam and playing tug-of-war with her new best doggy friend.