The cat is on a diet

April 25, 2009

My cat is fat. Although, personally, I prefer to call it "extra fluffy."

Anyway, because my sweet little baby has a belly that wobbles back and forth as she runs, she has been on a diet... for a year. And she has not lost any weight. I believe this is primarily because she is lazy. It doesn't matter if you only eat a quarter cup of food a day if all you do is sleep and lick yourself.

Recently I had to take her to the vet for her annual vaccinations. We had the following conversation.

Vet: You have a beautiful cat.
Me: Thank you.

(Little did I know, but the compliment was just a lead-in for what comes next...)

Vet: You know, she could stand to lose a little weight.
Me: But I only feed her a quarter cup of food a day! She's on a diet.
Vet: Have you considered exercise?
Me: Hey, I go to the gym three times a week!
Vet: For the cat.
Me: Really? How do you get a cat to exercise?
Vet: Does she respond to a laser pointer?
Me: Not really. She's quite lazy.
Vet: Well, um, try to get her to run around a little. It might help.

Yeah, right. She'll run to the food dish but that's about the only time that cat moves faster than a stroll.