Thugs 0, Marching band 2

April 30, 2009

This is awesome. A 17-year-old girl made the local paper for defending herself against two would-be muggers.

The article states that the teenager was walking to school when – suddenly – she was grabbed from behind by two men who demanded her money. (Now, why they thought a high school girl in a middle-class neighborhood would walk around with a bunch of cash is beyond me.)

So this girl, ever the quick thinker, hit the first guy with a quick strike to the nose, and kicked the second guy in the crotch. Oh, and did I mention she was in the marching band? Yes, she then proceeded to beat them with her baton until they backed off. She ran away and escaped her assailants unharmed. The thugs, however, were not so lucky as one had a severe nosebleed and the other… well… you can guess how he felt.

The police put out an APB for the thugs. The description concluded with, “one of them is probably holding his nose and the other one is limping after being kicked in the groin area.”

The story's headline read, "Thugs 0, Marching band 2."