That old joke about light bulbs

May 04, 2009

Q: How many grown men does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A: Apparently, seven, if beer is involved.

It was a relaxing Saturday evening, and we were at a friend's house for a Cinco de Mayo party. The boys were playing their favorite game, "washoes," which is basically a cross between horseshoes and sandbags, only it involves astroturf and giant washers. The sun was setting, and the guys needed more light for their game. They turned on the outside flood lights, but quickly discovered that the crucial game-illuminating light was not working. They all clustered around the defective light with varying looks of concern on their faces, and began throwing out theories as to why it did not work and what could be done to fix it.

"Maybe if you switch it with those lights over there-"
"Before they get too hot to unscrew-"
"Hey, why did all the lights go off-"
"They hit the light switch-"
"Are they on the same circuit-"
"Okay, yeah just swap that one out-"
"It's flickering-"
"I know what you're doing wrong from over here, let me-"
"Okay there, it's on-"
"Now it's off-"
"Yo've got it on again, leave it-"
"But it's not pointed just right-"
"Aw, now it's off again-"
"Okay there it's on-"
"Just keep it there-"
"All right, it's on!"

And thus, after only fifteen minutes and two failed attempts, seven grown men successfully changed a light bulb.