Celebrate Slippers

May 14, 2009

Today is Thursday, May 14th, 2009.

Did you know? Today is "Let's-everybody-wear-our-houseslippers-to-Subway-day."

I say this because, in the space of 15 minutes while ordering my sandwich, I saw - not one - but TWO people wearing slippers in the store. And no, these people did not know eachother or come in to the store together. It wasn't some sort of statement, they really were just wearing their house slippers out in public.

And when I say house slippers, I don't mean those Croc things that somehow, despite all the best efforts of the Fashion Police, managed to become acceptable footwear for a time. I mean the fuzzy kind. REAL slippers. In public.

Because, heaven forbid, they might have had to put on shoes before noon.