You can't take the country out

April 27, 2011

My husband, for those who don't know, grew up in Iowa.  He grew up on a  farm (really!) growing corn and hogs and plus this one lady wrote a great book about their library cat.

And also, in case you didn't know, my husband has a twin brother.

My husband and his twin, Frick and Frack to you, have been farming corn since they were knee high to a grasshopper, or something like that:

But now we live in southern California.  And Frick has come out to live in California, too.

So what did these two boys do?

They planted corn in our backyard with a tractor that's what.

It just goes to show -- you can take the boys out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boys.


Kelly L said...

Haha, that is awesome. I'll probably get disowned for this, since I am from Iowa, but I have never ridden on a tractor or any such other Iowish activities.

I have, however, on many occasion gotten stuck behind them on two-lane highways. Sucktastic.