Sometimes you don't even need the Sniff Test

April 07, 2011

Chris makes fun of me often for my very lax perception of food that can still be considered "edible."  Maybe had I ever had food poisoning I would be a lot more cautious, but the fact of the matter is, if it looks okay and smells good, I'll probably still eat it.   We call this the "Sniff Test."

Today, however, I met a food for which I did not even need to employ my superior deductive powers of smell.

I dug the bottle lime juice out of the back of the fridge for a recipe that I was trying to follow.  I poured the required ounces into a shot glass (hey, I didn't have anything else to measure by!).  (And also, I may have been making myself a margarita.)

The lime juice sat in the shot glass, a sickly brown color.

"Hmmm," I thought to myself, "is lime juice supposed to be this color when it comes out of the bottle?"

I asked my dad.

"I don't know," he replied, "why don't you taste it?"

(Good idea, dad!  Rancid lime juice smells the same as good lime juice, so why don't I taste it?!  I can see we are both geniuses when it comes to the analytical methods in which we can determine the consumptive value of food.)

I stuck my pinkie finger in the glass and tasted a tiny bit.

It tasted funny.

I looked at the bottom of the bottle:

Oh, yeah, that's a definite FAIL.

No sniff test required.  Although, in retrospect, a taste test probably wasn't required, either.