A delicious, quivering cup of coffee

July 27, 2010

It's funny, but the busier your life is, the less it seems like you have to write about.  I mean, there were cool job things and stressful job things and moving into a new house and traveling to Vegas and Phoenix and San Diego and Phoenix and San Diego and Vegas and Phoenix and Phoenix and... anyway.  So I am filling the space using a trick that the talented Allie over at Hyperbole and a Half once employed: What does Urban Dictionary think of me?  I'll tell you what...

All right, Urban Dictionary. I'm down with that.  I'm amazing and beautiful and I have a high tolerance for dealing with my husb-- ahem, bullshit.  ALSO, I'm "super sexy cool."  All very true things.

Hmmm.  I studied biology and oceanography in college, and this is new to me.  Of course, I did not attend college in Canada.  And as we always tell my boss (who is Canadian), you never know what those crazy canuks will say.

This one is both TOTALLY AWESOME and TOTALLY CREEPY at the same time.  I mean, I'm not entirely comfortable with my name being used as some sort of slang for something you eat.  There's just a little Jeffery Dahlmer in that.  But the description? quivering! delicious! rare! Where can I get this fabled Italian coffee delicousness?  New Jersey?  Well, bummer.  That's a bit far from the west coast.

So my question is this:  can anyone in New Jersey confirm that there is actually a coffee called a krista?


Megs said...

I'm a little frightened of food that quivers. Even jello is suspect.

kate said...

Hey, at least it didn't tell you that your name means "ass tumor":