The 2010 US Air Guitar Championships

July 29, 2010

Okay, folks, this business is real.  And it's serious.

There is a competition for people to demonstrate their air guitar skills.  They are judged on how accurately their fingers play the imaginary notes on the imaginary guitar and for a number of other things as well.  (By all accounts, they do not need to plug their imaginary guitars inot imaginary amps, however).  And there are big prizes and hotel stays and all kinds of fancy schwag for the big-time air guitarers (air guitar artists?  What is the terminology here?)

ESPN provides coverage (granted, it's probably on, like, ESPN 8, but still)

It is worldwide.

There is merchandise.

There are costumes (photo credit: Zach McNees).

People stand in line to buy tickets to these events.

A co-worker of Chris's heard about this competition and said, "Is this for real?  Gee, I was in a band when I was younger and broke, and you mean to tell me that I could have skipped spending all that money on guitars and amps and stuff, and just become a professional air guitar player?"

I'm not judging here.  I'm just saying.


kate said...

Oh, it's real. I actually went to watch the regional semi-finals with some friends in Kansas City last year. After a few beers, it could be one of the funniest things that I've ever seen.

I think that my favorite was the guy who air-shot-up-herion and air-humped-a-groupie before air-plugging-in his guitar and starting the show. Now THAT'S dedication.

I guess I can't mock him too badly...he did get an all-expense paid trip to Vegas out of it.

Megs said...

So we really DON'T have to do anything or be accomplished to become famous now.


When they have imaginary Top Chef with the EZ Bake Ovens and pretend food, I will SO TOTALLY OWN that show.