An Open Letter to Mr. Loud Talker

April 06, 2010

Dear Mr. Loud Talker:

I'm sure you probably don't realize that your voice carries so well through the hotel walls.  For your information, I can hear every single one of your phone conversations with crystal clarity. 

I really don't need to know that much about your business.  And I'm not trying to listen in, really I'm not.  You're just so LOUD it's unavoidable.  But here's the thing.  You know that really shrill, annoying, bell-like ring tone you chose?  And you know that time, at 5AM, when most people are sleeping?  That is a GOOD TIME for you to have your phone on vibrate. 

This morning I was jerked out of a sound sleep by a your voice echoing through the room:  "Hello, S___?  It's B___.  It's B___.  IT'S B___.  CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?  IT'S B___.  I'VE BEEN TRYING TO REACH YOU.  I'VE BEEN -- YES.  BECAUSE WE HAVE A MEETING AT 8AM AND I CAN'T SEEM TO LOCATE R___..." 

My husband would like to offer some friendly advice on why you couldn't locate R___ at the crack of dawn.  It is probably because the meeting wasn't scheduled for another three hours, so he was sleeping.  You know, like we were trying to do before you so rudely awakened us.  And of course, the shrill, bell-like ring tone that was going off every fifteen minutes didn't help much, either.

I will conclude this letter with a hope that you will exhibit more consideration tomorrow morning.  If I understood your conversation with your family this evening, you are going to be home around 6pm tomorrow night, which means that only tomorrow morning do I risk being woken by your loud voice or shrill ringtone.

Best wishes for a speedy trip home,

Your Frusterated and Slightly Sleep-Deprived Neighbor


Mrs. Doctor Jackson said...

i would totally be the crazy cat lady, too, if i hadn't met hubs.

i also must use a firm hand with myself when it comes to NOT posting pics of the panther.

she looks so softy and fluffy! the panther leaves spiky, black hair everywhere.