It's a Coupon!

April 21, 2010

I know I've been sort of absent lately. There has been a lot of stuff to do at work and a lot of improvements on the new house and also last Sunday I was extremely occupied with reading a book by the pool and getting a pedicure. So sue me.

In lieu of an actual, intersting post, I'll share one of the tidbits I came across when cleaning house. As you may recall, I'm not very good at getting rid of things. So when I found this, it was not much of a surprise:

Maybe you might notice a few things wrong with this picture.  Let's start with the expiration date.  What is that, 2007?  I'm guessing they won't honor that $10 coupon anymore... oh WAIT, I forget, the entire chain WENT OUT OF BUSINESS this year.  I think I was so excited that Mervyn's knew my birthday in a pseudo-stalkerish kind of way, that I just couldn't bear to part with my $10 coupon.