A Housewarming Party, by the numbers

March 30, 2010

22:  People at the party
2:    People who got lost on the way because google maps doesn't know where we live
3:    People it took to figure out our new coffeepot
5:    People who locked themselves in our bathroom due to the faulty door
2:    People who called us from inside the bathroom to come let them out
4:    Number of adult beverages spilled on the floor
4:    Number of times we were glad we chose tile instead of carpet
12:  Bottles of wine we got as housewarming gifts
1:    People who accidentally fell into the pool
8:    High dollar steaks that almost got burned (but didn't)
5:    People sleeping on our couch at the end of the night
3:    People sleeping on the floor
0:    Number of things destroyed or broken during the party

Now that is what I call a successful housewarming party.


Cathy said...

Sounds like a party to me!

I think we need to hear the story behind the person who fell in the pool!

kate said...

Well done! I can only hope to score 12 bottles of wine when we have our housewarming, too :)

Krista said...

@ Cathy: he tripped over the fire pit and did a cartoon-like balancing act at the edge of the pool before he finally fell in, fully clothed. He had to buy a new cell phone the next day.

@ Kate: ya, we made out like bandits! My new wine fridge is fully stocked :)

Kelly L said...


I think my favorite subset was the people-getting-locked-in-the-bathroom followed by people-calling-to-be-let-out... heeehee