Birds of a feather

March 15, 2010

This is a picture of our new backyard, taken last weekend.

Choose your favorite caption from the selection below, or create your own and leave it in the comments section:

“OMG, the pigeons are mutating! Look at the size of those things!”

“Thanksgiving’s come early this year… Cletus, get yer shotgun!”

Actually... the birds in question are actually neither pigeons or turkeys -- they are peafowl.

Yes, I meant peafowl:
As you may recall, we recently bought a house. Our new neighbors have about a dozen peacocks/peahens that they let roam around the neighborhood.

Which seemed really cool, at first.

Until we found out they could hop the fence into our backyard. And that they poop. A lot. And that they have very LARGE poops.

Apparently we are going to have to introduce ourselves. As in, “Hi new neighbors. Here are some cookies. By the way, your peacocks are really cool but we have a dog and, well, we can’t be held responsible if your peacocks get in to our yard and our dog attempts to eat them. Also please send someone over to clean up their poo. Thanks. Enjoy the cookies.”


Cathy said...

First, I'd like to have your backyard.
Second, Peacocks??? For real?!
Third, Thanksgiving come early...Cletus, get yer shotgun!

Rachel Koch said...

Having seen the splendid plumage of the new owners, the fowl "squatters" beat a hasty retreat!

Krista said...

@Rachel: I like it! Great caption.

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...


I also heard that peafowl make really scary screaming noises? Although I read that in a Nancy Drew book when I was about 12... so its veracity is definitely suspect...

Krista said...

@LOADW: that is very true. They sound something like a cross between very loud cats yowling, geese honking, and just a little bit of high-pitched screaming. And that is their regular noise. You should hear the males when they're trying to impress the ladies...