The High Desert Stock Photo

October 29, 2009

Just north of Los Angeles, if you drive up I-5 or I-14 across the pass, you come to what is known as the "High Desert".  It's also known as the Antelope Valley because there used to be herds of antelope in the valley.  Go figure. 

As much as I heart the beautiful desert of Phoenix, I am not a fan of this "high" desert.  It is not very pretty.  Basically, there is one month in the spring where there are lots of flowers and everyone takes pictures and then the summer hits and it's hot and all the flowers die.  This is where the standard "Joshua Tree in Silhouette" photo comes in.

The fine people of the Antelope Valley need something pretty to represent their desert when all the flowers are dead, and the next best thing is:

Joshua Tree

So I took my own "Joshua Tree in Silhouette."  You have to have at least one if you've been there!