The Couch Vortex

October 06, 2009

We love the New Couch. It is so big and cushy that once you sit down, the couch will suck you in to its Vortex of Comfort and you will never want to leave.

It's true power, however, was best demonstrated this past weekend.  We had some friends over to watch football, and our one friend made the mistake of sitting smack dab in the center of the Vortex of Comfort.

It, LITERALLY, took him five minutes to get out of the couch.  He had to struggle quite a bit to un-wedge himself from the corner and find his way back to standing on the floor.

I have included a picture of the couch, and the approximate location of its vortex (swirly circle):

The other thing in the picture that the arrow is pointing to?  That orb-looking thing?  Those appear in almost half of the photos taken in that room of the house.  With both of my cameras.  And other people's cameras.  For as many years as I have been taking photos in that house.  The scientific theory would be dust spots.  Or, you could go paranormal and call them ghosts.  Regardless of your theory, it is pretty crazy how they continuously show up in photos of that room.