Date Shakes

February 16, 2012

 There's a lonely stretch of Interstate 8 that runs through the desert, about halfway between Yuma and Phoenix, that boasts a place called "Dateland."  Along the freeway is a giant sign advertising their world-famous date shakes.

We always drive on by, of course that's usually because it's too late or too early in the day to be interested in a milkshake.

Only not today.  I happened to be driving by Dateland around lunch, so it seemed perfect to stop for a sandwich and a date shake.  I had never had a date shake, and they sounded intriguing.  World-famous, even.

So let's just say for the record, that I am officially not a fan of date shakes.

And it had nothing to do with the venue - the place was clean, the shake recipe obviously full of homemade goodness it just... also... had dates.

I'm pretty sure I like dates.  Just apparently, not in milkshakes.  I took two sips, and my first reaction was, "GAH."

I waited a bit, and took two more sips.

Nope, still not loving it.

If you ask me, this is how you make a date shake:

Ice cream, a few dates, and a handful of dirty socks.  I mean, if you could imagine a milkshake that tastes like dirty socks with a few dates thrown in for color, that is how I felt about the date shake.

In the future, I would be happy to stop at Dateland to do any of the following:
* Fuel up my vehicle
* Use the restroom
* Buy snacks and/or a sandwich

I will take pass on the date shakes, however.  Gah.