Valentine’s Day, PART 2

February 18, 2011

The one that all the food servers will appreciate.

Part 3 of this story, “Dinner and an improv show,” is really the best part.  I will give you a little bit of foreshadowing when I say that our dinner cruise involved unlimited champagne and some people have no self-censorship when it comes to free booze.

So based on some free-champagne antics of our dining neighbors, one of the waitresses told us this story.

“You know, people do crazy things.  This one time I had a couple, and I kept noticing throughout the night that their wine glasses were always full.  I thought, ‘that’s a little weird, but they must be getting their drinks at the bar.’  However, every single time I approached their table, the glasses were full.  And I saw them drinking out of them.

Well, finally I noticed that they had brought in several bottles of wine and hidden them under the table.  They were pouring themselves wine from under the table when they didn’t think I was looking.

So, I decided to play a little trick on them.

I went and found the biggest, meanest-looking bouncer that we had (he’s actually a big sweetheart).  And I had him approach their table and tell them that we caught them on security camera (we don’t have cameras).  And he told them that if they didn’t pay the corkage fee, we would call the coast guard and have them arrested.  A group of us were hiding in the kitchen and watching this exchange through the window.  You should’ve seen their faces.  It was fantastic.

And they paid the corkage fee.