Four Favorites Friday

October 22, 2010

In no particular order, here are my four favorites of the day:

1) Favorite customer service rep:  The lady at the speedy checkout line at Wal-Mart who actually knew the definition of the word "speedy."  AND she was super nice.
2) Favorite commercial:  The Snickers "Grocery Store Lady" Halloween ad
3) Favorite new artist: The Maine
4) Favorite pet moment: When I feed the cat and she is so absolutely ecstatic about dinnertime that she is literally purring while she is eating.

And there you have it.


Megan said...

So there are 5 favs or 4? I counted 4 but I'm sort of slow

Krista said...

Uh... oops. It was originally going to be 5 things, but then I was really struggling with that 5th one so I said, "eh, let's make it four." Only I did not re-edit so well.