Willie Nelson, Kid Rock, and the Mayor

May 25, 2010

A few weekends ago, The Husband and I went to an outdoor country music festival known as “Country Thunder” located in the nearby town of Florence, AZ. The headliners for the night were Willie Nelson and Kid Rock. We did the usual giant-outdoor-music-festival activities, which included:
  • Browsing the sales booths with the trashy t-shirts
  • Spending 20 minutes trying to guess how many food/drinks you will eat/drink so you don’t have leftover food and beverage “tickets” and yet you don’t have to stand in line again
  • Spending an insane amount of money on “tickets” for food and beverages
  • Playing the beanbag toss and winning a free radio station t-shirt (if you’re me)
  • Playing the beanbag toss and not winning (if you’re the husband)
  • Getting your picture taken by one of the program sponsors
  • Stuffing your face with food and drinks so that you don’t waste any of those no-cash-value tickets
  • People-watching
  • Oh, yeah, and maybe also listening to some country music artists singing
At the end of the night, as we were leaving the Kid Rock concert, we left the gate behind a sweet older lady who looked like she should be baking cookies or knitting, not attending a Kid Rock concert until 11pm on a Saturday.

“Hey, look at that kick-ass grandma in front of us!” one of my friends said. “That’s so cool she went to Kid Rock. I’ve got to get my picture with her!”

“Excuse me,” we said, “would you mind taking a picture with us?”

“Oh hello,” she said, smiling, “I’m the Mayor of Florence!”

So it turns out we got our photo taken with the Mayor.

But no story is complete without some pictures. I mentioned earlier that the group of us got our photo taken by one of the program sponsors, Cricket Wireless. While I was online searching for my picture, I browsed through some of the other yahoos that had their picture taken. I’ve picked some of the winners and posted them here. Enjoy.

Um, NO. No, thanks.

willie nelson anyone
Three guesses (and the first two don’t count) on which headliner this guy came to see.

Hey look! It’s Kid Rock and Pam Anderson… oh, wait, nevermind.

Excuse me, sir? I believe you may be accidentally wearing your girlfriend’s cast.

Only slightly more fantastic than if he had been wearing one of those t-shirt tuxedos.

These fine ladies are demonstrating the versitilty of the Jack Daniel’s bandana. Now they just need one more lady in need of a miniskirt, and they’d have a complete set.

Their parents don’t let them out of the house much.

So if she’s a “playboy bunny” then he’s a… what is that thing… an armadillo?

I really have no explanation for this one.

This lady’s outfit just screams “class.” Or, something like that.


kate said...

I don't know if the last lady's outfit screams "class" so much as her daggar nails and porn-star pose do :)

Did you ever go to Country Stampede out at Tuttle Creek in Manhattan? That places was the biggest hot mess of incredible people watching that I have EVER seen. Mullets, Confederate flags and fat people as faaaar as the eye could see!

Krista said...

YES, I have been to Country Stampede. I scored free tickets one year for helping set up. Oh, fun times...

Laura said...

What a fantastic place though for photo ops of strange people. Better than the State Fair.

Anonymous said...

his hat is a skull and crossbones silly