I'm a Space Alien and you need to let me in the cockpit

May 06, 2010

So imagine that you're flying back to California after a nice visit with your family in Helena.  You're headed back with another friend of yours, nickname "Slappy" (and for once, I did NOT make this nickname up).  The flight takes off and you close your eyes for a little nappy-nappy time.

The next thing you know, you wake up and the airplane has made an emergency landing in Idaho Falls and your friend is in handcuffs for trying to gain access to the cockpit by claiming he is a space alien.

Yes, I said space alien.

Don't believe me?  Google "Space alien aircraft" and see what pops up.

I was actually going to write this post yesterday, but it hadn't filtered into the news outlets yet.  It's much more fun when I can link to the news article and then tell you the caveat to this whole story:

I know this guy.  And his friend.  This is why I can tell you that his nickname is Slappy and he's always been a little crazy but never in a million years did we think he would try and take over an aircraft by claiming to be an alien from outer space.'

Guess it shows what we knew, huh?


kate said...

A friend of mine is an airline pilot and he said that a lady got onto one of his flights yesterday and, while walking past the cockpit, yelled "I'M HIJACKING THIS PLANE FOR THE LORD!"

After landing, she stopped to tell the pilots that THEY hadn't landed the plane safely, it was actually her and her co-pilot, Jesus.

Crazy people are the best.

Laura said...

THIS is better than knowing one of the Kardashians!