3 spooky foods and 1 wildly inappropriate pumpkin

October 31, 2012

Last weekend we attended a Halloween party at our friend Sleepy’s house. You’ve seen pictures of their house before, when there was a tortoise on the roof. Well, something you also should know is that Sleepy and his wife Mrs. Sleepy are expecting a baby. Like, any day now. And still felt motivated to host a Halloween party for all of their friends, bouncy castle and all.

Yes, there was a bouncy house. Because what Halloween party would be complete without full-grown adults dressed up as fictional characters jumping around in a pink and purple castle?

Well, the boys happened to see a photo of a pumpkin carved and modeled to look like a woman giving birth (also, I might have found this photo and happened to send it to them). They decided it would be a brilliant idea to replicate this pumpkin masterpiece and give it to Sleepy and the Mrs. to decorate their Halloween party. So they did.

Here is the original photo:

 Here is the boys’ completed masterpiece:

There may be a little tongue-in-cheek humor aimed at Sleepy insinuating that he is not the father of pumpkin Mrs. Sleepy’s baby, if you are wondering why the pumpkin “baby” is painted a different color. In case it wasn't inappropriate enough already.

While the boys were busy carving their pumpkin, I was busy baking. I saw so many great ideas for Halloween-themed treats that I couldn't pick just one and decided to go on a giant baking frenzy. I was quite proud of the results.

Cheese-ball monsters:

Candy Corn sugar cookies:

And “Guacamoldy” eyes:

 Happy Halloween!!!