Cruise Tip #1: Bring your own mustaches

March 26, 2012

Oh yes that's right.  I said mustaches.

You see, the thing about cruises is that there's a lot of time at sea.  And, aside from stuffing your face at the breakfast buffet, the 24-hour grill/pizzeria, the lunch buffet, the dinner seating, and the late-night buffet, the only other thing to do is drink, gamble, lay by the pool, visit the spa, or some combination of any of those. (There's also a fitness center, but who wants to go to THAT on vacation?!)

So our ingenious friends Sleepy E and Mrs. Sleepy (you may remember them from Prank of the Century and Revenge for Prank of the Century) brought some of those stick-on mustaches that make you look like a cheezy version of Groucho Marx.

And we all wore them.

To dinner.

Our dinner seating was right by the entrance to the dining room, so we got much hilarity from people who were waiting in line to be seated.  They would take a look, spot the guys in their fake black mustaches, then do a double take.  It usually took them a third look to realize that the ladies were wearing the mustaches too.

After dinner we wandered down to the casino.  We were already pretty tired of donating our money to the slot machines, so before we called it an early night I happened to see the perfect opportunity for my mustache to have one last hurrah.

Suddenly, we had invented our own game.  We started wandering the cruise ship, hunting out likely candidates for mustache placement.

First we found this pretty lady
And then Mr. Washington

The mustaches were the perfect size for these ladies

The towel animal mustache was inevitable

We started getting creative with the mustaches

Nothing was sacred...



Even the captain got a mustache

The best part?  Standing in line the next day at debarkation, and spotting your mustaches hidden on random objects that you passed.