The Office Football Pool

November 10, 2011

Our office, like many across the country, has a group football pool.  And doesn't it always seem like it's someone's random girlfriend or wife that seems to win?  It's not the dude who lives and breathes football and can recite every team's stats by memory.  No, its that dude's roommate's girlfriend's best friend from college, who knows nothing about football, and just put her $5 into the pool on a "whim."  The win comes out for the week and everyone's like, "Katie?  Who's Katie?  Does she even work here?  Didn't she win last week?!"

I, also, know nothing about football.  And yet, somehow every week I am suckered into putting my money into the pot.  I don't win very often.  Or, like, any week this season except for the first one where I was just eeked out on points at the end of Monday's game.  But I also did once win the office March Madness pool, for the whole season, so my theory can't be all wrong.

So here it is, the big secret.  How people who know nothing about sports pick the winners for the office pool.

Rule #1: You always pick your all-time favorite team to win.  No matter what the odds.

Rule #2: You also pick any team from any city or state you've ever lived in.
-- If two teams from the same state are playing each other, then you pick the one with the prettier uniforms.
-- Unless one of those teams is the Raiders.  You NEVER pick the Raiders.

Rule #3:  If the quarterback of one team is dating a celebrity, then you pick that team.

And finally... if in doubt, google the game to check out the odds.  Then pick the one with the best odds.  Except every once in a while, pick the underdog.  Because it's nice to root on the underdog.

Good luck, and happy playing!

I'll let you know if I win this season.  Although so far, it's not looking good.  That darn Katie.


Alana said...

Another helpful hint.... pick the mascot that would win in a fight. (Example - Bucaneers would beat the colts because a Pirate is way tougher than a stinkin' horse)
FYI - I have yet to win either.

Krista said...

Oh, YEAH, I forgot that one! Good tip ;)

Krista said...

I would just like to state for the record that I won the college football pool this past week! woo