Las Vegas is trying to tell me something

July 25, 2011

I spent the past weekend in Vegas with my husband and some of my good friends.  Although we had a fantastic time, I noticed a few changes from the Vegas of my early and mid twenties.

I present to you:
The top 5 signs that you are getting old(er).  Sin City edition.

1.  They stop having to verify your ID card with their supervisor.  In fact, they stop carding you all together.

2.  During the cab ride, you don't bother asking which casinos have the best mile-high margaritas and which after-hours clubs are the most happening, you instead discuss with your cabbie the merits of renting versus buying a home in the current economic market.

3.  You contemplate ordering "Water for Elephants" from the hotel TV on a Saturday night.

4.  After a whole weekend of gambling and pool partying, and dinner and drinks you only have 3 photos on your camera.  And they are all of Vanilla Ice.

5.  You come very, very, close to stomping over to your neighbor's hotel room door at 2:00 am on a Friday night, banging on it until the music and the screaming/drunken giggling pauses, and yelling, "WILL YOU KIDS KEEP IT DOWN OVER THERE?  SOME OF US ARE TRYING TO SLEEP!"


Anonymous said...

man you're so old.