I love cats

July 21, 2011

We've talked about this before.  About how I would totally have been the crazy cat lady had I not met my husband and thus had to follow his strict 2-cat maximum policy.

As a child, we had the sweetest, most tolerant little Abyssinian named Asha.  She loved me, she truly did, and I loved her back.  Although sometimes as a child I did not make the best decisions in favor of our friendship.  As in Christmas of 1991:

Also, I was really ahead of my time in terms of "pet fashion."  I'm pretty sure that before celebrities started wandering around the country with tiny dogs tucked under their arms, you couldn't just go to your local Petsmart and pick up a cute little outfit for Fido.

But I was resourceful.  Cabbage Patch kid castoffs would do just fine:

And, really, if all else fails, just use the cat as an accessory:

But she always forgave me.  That is, until the next time we needed a stand-in for a reindeer.


Tifny said...

derek said something about you jumping off a counter and landing on this cat........