Super Frack

January 08, 2011

This story is about the birth of "SuperFrack." (And if you need a reminder as to why my husband is called Frack, click here.)

Flashback to 4 years ago. Chris and I had just started dating. I was in San Francisco for the weekend, attending my cousin's wedding. Chris was hanging out with "the boys" at a friend's house.  The friend's wife and kids were also home, and the teenage boys were practicing their skillz on bicycles.

Apparently, one of the teenagers told my husband and his friends that they were "old."  And that these "old guys" couldn't possibly compete with the superior biking skillz of the teenagers.

So, of course, the "old guys" had to prove themselves:

I tell you what, this video never gets old.


Lauren said...

Hahaha That's hilarious!!