The Cat is HUNGRYS

November 29, 2010

This is how it usually works.  Chris and I finish eating our dinner, and set the plates down on the coffee table until the next person gets up.

The cat is suddenly our best friend.  She sits on our laps, purring.

PURR PURR PURR (while inside her little feline brain, she is thinking, mmm that plate of leftover food looks tasty how can i get me some.)

So she tries the sneak attack.  It goes like this:

Much plotting ensues.  She purrs to distract us from her true purpose.

She inches closer while we are absorbed in our television watching.

Closer still...
And then she pulls a "teenage boy on a movie date" in which she nonchalantly pretends to stretch and yawn while at the same time getting her grubby little paws closer to the prize.

This is how she envisioned it.  nom nom nom.

Unfortunately for her, SHE IS NOT THAT SNEAKY.  She only got to the "grubby paws" stage before we shooed her off the couch and cleared the dishes to the sink...


Life as a Movie said...

Too funny. My cat thinks he is sneaky as well. He lurks around my drinks (he will drink ANYTHING - V8, cranberry juice, it's all good) and will route out his plan and when he fails he tries another. Aren't animals grand?

Anonymous said...

О! post Awesome. Vraiment apprécié la lecture de votre blog.

Krista said...

@ L as a M: and the dog is just as bad! Thinks she's sneaky too ;)

@ Anon: Merci!