What happens when you live in Arizona

September 20, 2010

Chris and I were driving home one night with the sun roof open, enjoying the breeze.  We could hear the quiet sounds of tires on asphalt, smell the faint scent of sprinklers running, watch the orange glow of street lights as we passed them, and feel the evening breeze as it rushed through the car.

Chris leaned back in the seat and commented, "wow it sure is nice out tonight."

"Yes," I agreed, "what a cool breeze tonight."

"By the way," asked my husband, "what is the temperature right now?"

I glanced at the temperature gauge on the dash.

"Oh.... it says 95."

Only in Arizona would you mistake 95 degrees for a "cool evening breeze."


Anonymous said...

Good point, though sometimes it's hard to arrive to definite conclusions