I get cranky when I need sleep

June 10, 2010

Last night, I couldn't sleep.

I don't know why - I just couldn't.  I lay in the hotel bed, staring wide-eyed at the ceiling, listening to the frogs and my husband's soft snoring.  And I wasn't just not tired, I was absolutely wired.

So I got my iPod, turned it to my "slow music" playlist, and hoped to lull myself into sleep with a soft musical selection.   After what felt like hours (but was probably only an hour or so) I was finally almost asleep.

And then my husband decided to move around in his sleep.  I was wide awake again.

Irritated, I shimmy out of our double bed and head over to the other double bed in the room. I was so pissed that I was not asleep!  So by golly, I was headed over to the other bed to sleep by myself, where no one could wake me up from almost-slumber.  Chris's suitcase, which happened to be sitting on the bed, made its way quickly and loudly to the floor of the hotel room.

"What are you doing?" asked my blurry-voiced husband, half-awake.

"I. CAN'T. SLEEP.  And I want to be asleep and I was just about asleep and then YOU woke me up with your moving around and crap." I stage-whisper, my annyoance seeping through every word.

"Well," he says, "I was asleep."


"Do you want another pillow?  Would that help?"

I paused... He did have the good pillow.

"Yes, please."  I reply, my voice syrupy-sweet.  He throws me a pillow.


"NOW what?!" he asks, in exasperation.

"That's not the good pillow."

More grumbling, but I got the good pillow.  I crawled into the other bed, snuggled up against the one soft fluffy pillow in the room...

And I slept like a baby.


Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman said...

I hate that. Insomnia is the worst. Been there. Glad you got the good pillow and got some rest! Cheers and happy weekend, J