Camping, Part I: Because Matches Aren't Good Enough

July 08, 2009

Sometimes my husband surprises me. Like, when we’re getting ready to start the campfire and he brings out the blow torch.

Yes really, the blow torch. We are so classy.

Thus, please enjoy my pictorial essay on How to Light a Campfire With a Blow Torch. Somebody should post this on WikiHow so I can get my 15 minutes. (Well, maybe not, because it’s probably a bad idea for people to be running around our national forests with blow torches. Smoky the Bear would be crying himself to sleep.)

Step 1: Get firewood

No… scratch that.

Step 1: Go to ATM and pull out $100, because that’s about how much you’ll need to buy wood in the middle of the desert.

Step 2: Get firewood

Camping070409 012sm

Step 3: Gather together your materials.

Camping 011

Step 4: Put the wood inside the fire ring. Keep the beer separate from the other materials, so that you can periodically hydrate while working hard at making the campfire.

Camping070409 013sm

Step 5: Break out the blow torch. Light wood.

Camping070409 014sm

Camping070409 020smCamping070409 021asm

Step 6: Get another beer, since you’ve finished the first one. Then sit back and relax.

Camping070409 016sm