Mannequins behaving badly

June 21, 2009

Seriously, we've gotten to the point where even mannequins need to pose suggestively to sell stuff?

As in, hi, look at us shaking our plastic butts in the air and showing off our plastic "endowments" and imagine, that could be you wearing these clothes and posing like a little hoochie-mama!

No wonder the mannequin with the shoulder bag is looking the other way. She's pretending she doesn't know those shameless hussies.

And this is a store that sells clothes mostly to teenage girls. Okay, some college students too, but, really. I mean, look at them.

After wandering around the store a little bit, as if the hoochie trio wasn't enough, I come across THIS:

I'm not really sure what pose she's supposed to be modeling.

And frankly, I don't want to know.

I left the store after that. Well, after pretending I was reading a really long text message so that I could secretly take photos with my camera phone. But then I left.

Dress Barn, anyone? At least I know their mannequins will behave.