A Sand Ceremony

March 28, 2009

Two weeks ago to this day (in fact, this very hour) my soon-to-be husband and I were exchanging vows on the beach in Jamaica. We said our "I do's," traded rings, kissed each other, signed certificates, and then headed to a table full of food and cake under a thatch roof on the beach, while the steel drum band played and the sun set into the ocean.

Seriously. It happened just like that.

And then we spent the next week honeymooning on the white sand, snorkeling, windsurfing, zip-lining, sipping tropical drinks, eating decadent dinners, and sleeping in past 8am.

The not-so-nice aspect of vacation is its inevitable end. Sometimes you just want to pull out a universal remote control, like Adam Sandler had in Click, and hit the pause button, just to prolong those special moments a little longer.

The evening before we had to leave I tried that with the remote control in our hotel suite.

Oddly enough, no matter how hard I waved that remote, it only seemed to work on the TV. Luckily, my husband already knows I'm weird, so he managed to remain nonplussed while I flung the remote around for no apparent purpose.

"Well," I said to him, "You chose me."

Okay, so I didn't really remote dance in the resort suite trying to prolong my vacation. But I thought about it. And decided on the next best (realistic) thing: the little snapshots that you can capture with stories and photographs.

So here we go: my married life, one story at a time.